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Who am I?

You are asking the wrong person.

I distrust straight lines.
I love whirls.
I distrust intentions.
I love chance.
I distrust directors.
I love improvisation.

Gunter Lösel


All workshops can be booked on request. Dates for current, open workshops can be found here.

Improtheater Workshops
The Play of Archetypes
Basic forms of human encounter

This workshop is about friends, enemies, lovers, mothers, mentors and tricksters. The Play of Archetypes was developed in order to create and detect…

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Improtheater Workshops Storytelling
Storytelling for the impro stage
When is a plot a plot? Ingredients for a good story

This workshop is designed to free the participants’ ability to tell stories spontaneously. We will deal with the following questions: Which story…

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Improtheater Workshops Emostreaming
Enact emotions, embody emotions, have emotions

Rage, sadness, fear, joy – emotions are basic elements of acting. But how do actors in improvisation generate emotions? Stanislawski won’t help us on…

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Improtheater Workshops Gamebuilding & Gamebreaking
Gamebuilding & Gamebreaking
Between following the rules and anarchy

There are some paradox rules in improvisational theatre: Players are told to be ‚obvious’ and act within the frame of expectations, they should…

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All books can be ordered via the author.

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Guter Lösel - Emostreaming

EMO STREAMING ist eine einfache Methode, Gefühle beim Schauspiel herzustellen und Gefühle im Alltag zu wecken. Sie beruht auf der Vorstellung von…

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Gunter Lösel - Das Archetypenspiel
Das Archetypenspiel (2008)

Das Buch handelt von Grundformen menschlicher Begegnungen als Material für gute Geschichten und zeigt einen Weg, diese Grundformen auf einfache,…

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Gunter Lösel - Der heiße Kern von Impro
Der heiße Kern von Impro (2015)

Dieses Buch ist die bisher ausführlichste Darstellung von Konzepten und Geschichte des Improvisationstheaters. Es ist eine Reise zu den…

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Gunter Lösel - Das Spiel mit dem Chaos
Das Spiel mit dem Chaos (2013)

Zur Performativität des Improvisationstheaters

Die erste und bisher einzige Dissertation über Improvisationstheater im Fach…

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Gunter Lösel - Theater ohne Absicht
Theater ohne Absicht (2004)

Dieses Buch beschäftigt sich – immer handhabbar auf die Spielpraxis orientiert – mit Assoziationen, mit der Kunst spontaner Figurenentwicklung und…

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Gunter Lösel - The Play of Archetypes
The Play of Archetypes (2011)

The Play of Archetypes offers a non-intellectual approach to basic forms of human encounter that are often shaped by archetypes. Lösel has worked…

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I grew up in the Black Forrest, Germany, and studied Psychology, before I read a book by Keith Johnstone in the train from Essen, Germany, to Bremen, Germany. From that moment on, impro grabbed me and never let me go again.

Gunter Lösel

I am an improviser since 1995 and I performed in various groups, INFLAGRANTI, STUPID LOVERS, IMPROTHEATER BREMEN, IMPROTHEATER KONSTANZ throughout the years. I have developed or co-developed a couple of acclaimed shows, among others:

Click (Inflagranti 2004), Pfadfinder der Liebe (Stupid Lovers 2007), Loop (Stupid Lovers 2011), Double Date mit Kunst (Stupid Lovers 2016)

2006 I had the honour of being a member of the German Theatresports National Team at the world championship.

From 2007 I have been the artistic director of the IMPROTHEATER BREMEN, a venue dedicated exclusively to the performance of impro-longforms.

From ca. 2002 on I became increasingly interested in the theory of improvisation. By now I have published five books and one dissertation on the theme of theatre and improvisation. One of these has been translated to English (see books).

Since 2014 I am heading the research focus Performative Practice at the Zurich University of the Arts.

I am offering intelligent and well-tried workshops on different themes of improvisation and theatre (see workshops) both in German and English. I understand improvisation as a means of artistic expression and of self-growth. Many things can ONLY be accomplished through improvisation.

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0049 177 5531 869


Waiblinger Weg 8
28215 Bremen