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  • Improtheater Workshops Gamebuilding & Gamebreaking
Between following the rules and anarchy

There are some paradox rules in improvisational theatre: Players are told to be ‚obvious’ and act within the frame of expectations, they should refrain from being original, listen well and say yes to every offer. But then again they are told to take risks, not be afraid of crazy and obscene ideas, use their unconscious and so on. The always move between following the rules and run off into the wild. To find the balance is one of the hardest things in impro – to decide, when to submit to the rules and when to go into anarchy.

This workshop follows the idea that in improvisation there are two phases, a phase of Gamebuilding and a phase of Gamebreaking. The participants will learn to detect the phases and act accordingly.

For players with more than 3 years experience only.

Duration: 2 days
Workshop teacher(s): Gunter Lösel/ Nicole Erichsen